What Is Everyday Alchemy?


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Last December I did a Facebook Live series called The 12 Days of Coaching.

What I learned from that experience is that what we all seem to crave is—more than additional information— is…


Conscious, Creative Community

Focusing on Meaningful Forward Movement.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a Mastermind Group that brings together the Best and the Brightest 

(I’m talking about You!)

With the aim of giving you all an opportunity to move forward with the support and encouragement of each other.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of alchemy.

Have you ever been intrigued with the idea

Of transforming base metals into gold?

Or, in more practical terms:

Taking everyday experiences and situations and transforming them into Something of Incredible Value?

 Alchemy defined

So, how will we do we do this exactly? 

Well, it will take practice.

We’ll bring together an intentional group of women and men committed to collaborating and co-creating something truly unique and as valuable as

Each Individual Member.

This diverse group of people understands the value of tapping into each other’s life experience and perspective to receive benefit,

While also contributing their nuggets of gold in order to the assure the success of the community.

We will find meaning and purpose by pushing the edges of our Comfort Zone and discovering our Contribution Zone

Thus, bringing our gifts to the world in a sustainably successful way.

Everyday Alchemy defined (1)

Think of this community of Everyday Alchemists as your Advisory Board.

Or part of your Divine Assistance Team.

Or the Answer to Your Prayers.

And consider this…

Your invitation to be a part of it.

Because you have unique talents, experiences, and superpowers that will only be amplified when mirrored back to you by the group.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If so, here are three (3) steps to get started.

  • Fill out the form below so I can set up a time to chat with you and determine if this is a fit for you. If you already know this is for you, then click the payment plan that works best for you below. 
  • Next, click on the I’m in! What’s Next? tap at the top of the page to fill out a quick questionnaire so I can get to know you better. By signing up you are committing to being a part of the group for at least 6 months.*  This gives us enough time to get to know each other, work through different challenges and celebrations, practice what we’re preaching, and set and achieve a couple of small (or large) goals.  It also gives you a reasonable amount of time to determine the impact this kind of support and accountability can have on your success.
  • Show up for the monthly Mastery calls, Tapping Tuesday calls, and Special Guest calls starting Sunday, February 4, 2018.  These will be delivered via Zoom, so you will need to download the Zoom application.  I will provide you a Zoom meeting code that you will enter to have access to each call. If you can’t make the call, it will be recorded so you can watch it at your convenience.  Please make every effort to be on the call so you can get the most out of the group.  You are an integral part of the group. We want to see, hear, and feel you.  (Note: if you are afraid of being seen, heard, or felt, this will be the first task you will master!)

*At the end of 6 months we will meet in person for a few days.  During this time each person will have the opportunity to present or share something in their zone of genius with the group. This is where to co-creation comes in.  Together we will decide where we want to meet, what kind of experience we want to create, and how we will move forward. **

In the meantime…

  • Mastery Calls will happen on the first Sunday of the month.  Once I get an idea of who is in the group, I will check with all of you to see what time of day works best for the group. During the mastery calls I will introduce a concept and a few exercises to practice during the month.  Then we will do a check in with each person in the group so everyone has a chance to speak and be heard by the group.
  • Tapping Tuesdays happen on the first Tuesday of the month.  The first 15-30 minutes I’ll gather feedback from you about what is going on and what issues you may want to tap on.  Then we’ll use tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique to move through these issues.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to tap or have never heard of tapping. No experience is necessary for you to benefit from it right away.
  • Our Special Guest Coach Call with be either on the 3 or 4th Wednesday, depending on our guest’s availability.  The idea is to bring in someone we want to learn more from and have them share their wisdom with us to help us all move forward in a particular area.

If you would like additional coaching or tapping sessions during the month, you can add these on to your package.


Practicing Everyday Alchemy – Monthly Payment Plan

* 1 Mastery Call on Zoom – recorded * 1 Tapping Tuesday Call on Zoom – recorded * 1 Special Guest Call every other month * Access to Everyday Alchemists on private Facebook group ** $97/month – February 2018-July 2018



Practicing Everyday Alchemy – Save $ on one time payment

* 1 Mastery Call on Zoom – recorded * 1 Tapping Tuesday Call on Zoom – recorded * 1 Special Guest Call every other month * Access to Everyday Alchemists through private Facebook Group **Save $10/month by choosing a one-time payment $525.00



Practicing Everyday Alchemy + Private Coaching or Tapping Session

* 1 Mastery Call per month on Zoom - recorded *1 Tapping Tuesday Call on Zoom - recorded * 1 Special Guest Call every other month * Access to Everyday Alchemists on private Facebook page * 1 Private coaching or tapping session $197 for the month(s) you would like to add a private session


If you would like to explore if this program is right for you or what package makes the most sense to you, please fill out the form below and I will contact you.  

Penny Plautz is an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, author of Body Confidence From the Inside Out, and Chief Creative Officer of Wellpower, LLC.026.jpg up close eyes closed smile signature.jpg